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  • Google says that IF you have to hire an SEO, you should do so early rather than late, like when you’re just planning to launch a new site.
  • Because SEO isn’t a topping that you can just pour on top of you site. It’s a base ingredient. This Applies to your brand as well when you launch your brand you shouldn’t dismiss SEO for later and SEO is all about improving user experience So, Google cares about a site’s speed, design, content, mobile-friendliness and many more.
  • SEO influences different aspects of the user experience. The aspects are Using, Usable, Desirable, Findable, Accessible, and Credible.
  • SEO helps with all of this
  • Optimizing content gets more traffic and leads.
  • Improving the social media performance builds higher engagement.
  • Getting back links lets you cash in on their reputations.




  • Here is the quick tips on SEO


  • Keywords matter to both users and search engines.
  • Keywords tell the search engines that you have the relevant content to offer.
  • A good solution is to target long tail keywords.


2.Work on the headline






3.Optimize tags

  • Placing keywords in tags is important. By optimizing tags, you can build solid on-page SEO for each piece of content you post.
  • Make sure you use your target keywords in the following 3 tags:
  • Title
  • Meta-description
  • URL


  • Your site is your brand’s online touch point. You have to deliver a great user experience every time. the following three almost always matter the most:


  1. Responsiveness



  • To create a search-engine friendly site,Google’s Webmasters Guidelineare a good starting point.

                       Three tips to make your design SEO-friendly:


1.Offer value first

2.Dont embed keywords into images

3.Use sitemap.






  • As a brand, you don’t just want people to just identify with your logo.  You also want them to discover and connect with you.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your business is online and offline, using SEO as a business building block will help you connect with your target audience in their preferred way.


























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