Social Media is a platform where the users create the content with high levels of interactivity such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Delicious, Flickr, YouTube, Reddit, Digg, Propeller, Gather, Diigo, Folkd, and Delicious. Social media marketing is using lots of social media tools to build your online reputation and create strong relationships with your target users.

Know Your Audience

In Social Media Marketing understanding your targeted audience is most important what you have to do. You should know where your target market is online. Social media marketing is about to know your market on a familiar level. This is where small research must be done. You need to decide on the places they repeatedly online. All people think that Facebook is the first place or, worse, the only place to go. Yes, Facebook is great and I will always agree that it must be a part of SMM plans but it is only a part of social media. From a social networking point of view, there are hundreds if not thousands of social networks out there. So Facebook can’t be the only social network your company uses.

further on the social networks are there particular online communities or forums that your audience frequents where do they get the full information they need to solve a problem they have, take the time and figure out because those are the important places you want to be, if it helps to think about what your audience will type regularly in search like (targeted keyword) forum or (targeted keyword).

Once you have confirmed where your targeted audience is you can find out what type of information them looking from you. You would get to know your audience likes. I cannot stress enough that social media marketing is really about to know your market and catering to their needs. The selling comes later.

Now when you create content or banners you aren’t selling to them, not directly anyway. You are just providing a service to them, engaging them to figure out their exact wants and building a great bond based on belief and respect, you are just giving them a reason to purchase from work with you and not your competitor. We will continue creating your SMM Plan in the next article, thanks for reading this article.