Search Engine is software; it works on the algorithm. It refers to a vast database of information according to the user’s query. It allows internet users to search for content via the www. Now today’s popular search engine is Google, and another popular search engine is Bing,, etc.

Why Google is the most popular search engine because many users think that Google is the fastest and the most authentic search engine, a study done in 2012 showed that 69.5% of users search by using Google and, Bing coming in second place at 25%. Google is also the first search used on mobile devices and tablets.

There are so many reasons for Google popularity. The Google homepage is elementary, easy to use, and loads quickly. It provides users with better results than any other search engine & can find a lot of information quickly.



How does Search Engine Work?

Search Engine work by three primary functions:


Crawler collects the detail about the pages, and it looks over the content for each URL they find.


Indexing tracks and stores the content when the information found during the crawling process and it placed in a database.


It provides the various content that will the answer for users queries, and it returns the most relevant pages that match the query.

What is search engine crawling?

It works by crawling millions of pages with the help of web crawlers. It is also known as spiders. It navigates the www by downloading the web pages & it follows the link on those pages to find new pages that have been made usable.

What is search engine indexing?

Search engine work by indexing, it has been founded by a search engine are added into the data structure. In that keywords discovered the content of the pages belongs to what information does the page cover, and it also explores the link with the number of related keywords about the content for each connection.

What is a search engine serving?

It works by serving. It provides the various highly relevant content, and that will solve the user’s query. This user’s result by relevancy is called serving. This search engine uses corresponding data to return results.