Sitemap is a data file where you record all the links & titles of your website. As the name signifies sitemap means the map of your website. In the sitemap, you will build the structure of your site & links in your site.

A sitemap is a file where you give the details related to the pages, on your website. Search engines like google read the page carefully to crawl your website.

A sitemap says the crawler which files you suppose is useful in our site and also gives some useful information about the files.

Types of sitemaps

  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Image Sitemap
  • Mobile Sitemap

XML Sitemap

XML sitemap means (Extensible mark-up language) XML sitemap is a collection of text files. It gives details about all the URLs on the website. In this, you can use extra details on each URL with all the information which you have updated. Why it’s important because there are many versions of the URL created in different languages. It helps the search engines to crawls your website in a proper manner.

HTML Sitemap

It basically takes all your pages like homepage, about, service in a category wise to use easily. Why we use HTML sitemap, because of starters like who start their business and another page in your website that has internal links to all your pages which is good for your SEO. We use it for more accessibility purposes and anything else that would be able to better guide people for your website.


Image Sitemap

In image sitemap, Google collects the metadata that belongs to the images contained on a website. Using image sitemap visitors can do the search for an image on google. With the help of google image extensions in the sitemap that provide the search engine with additional information about the images on the website. The user must add the related data to the standard sitemap. It includes the type of image, caption, title, geographic location, subject matter, and license. The process that enables the site owners to identify which images on each page are more useful.

Video Sitemap

A video sitemap is a text file with additional information on the content. It’s the extension of the sitemap standard. While creating the sitemap document, there is a sitemap protocol that you must have to follow.  Google better understands the content of your video, the more you can do to ensure that it reaches the appropriate audience. If indexed properly, whenever clients perform a search related to your content, Google will display the information and image from your video sitemap on their search results page.

Mobile sitemap

Mobile Sitemap is a sitemap which is a specific XML Sitemap devoted to submit mobile version contents of a website to Google’s or other search engine spiders. Mobile Sitemap is not related to the responsive website.