What is a Meta Description?

A Meta description is also known as (Meta tag). Meta description is a HTML document. It plays an important role in On-page SEO. The Meta description is used to designate the page description. It provides a concise summary of the off-page; it helps us to improve the SEO rankings – Meta description up to 160 characters or less in length. As of 2017 google shows up to 275 characters.

SEO Benefits of Meta Description:

  • Good Meta Descriptions Results in High CTR for Pages
  • Descriptions will Convince people to Click on the Pages
  • Search engines Rank well if you have Good Meta Description
  • Meta Description is a Google Ranking factor
  • There are more chances to get conversions 
  • Meta descriptions will Increase Organic Traffic to a Website
  • Having Keywords in Meta Description results with High Ranks



How to write the Good Meta description

  • Specific
  • Related Keywords & LSI
  • Keep it under 160 characters
  • Action-oriented
  • Provide a benefit
  • Use location 
  1. Specific

Make it look like useful to the user connect with the target audiences so that when they will see it in the SERPs they will get the solution what they are expecting, that’s why it’s so important to use descriptive words.

  1. Use Related Keywords & LSI terms

Using keywords in Meta Description is an On-page SEO practice which results in ranking for those Terms, Having target keywords and Related terms will help search engines also understand the topic and rank it for those other related terms also

  1. Keep it under 160 characters

Your description can’t be more than 160 characters if the description is more than 160 characters that cut off halfway through the sentence, so it should be less than 160.

  1. Action-oriented language

Use call to action because it tells the reader what they want to do if they click. Using a call to action they can easily find the solution what they are having doubt. They can get easily all the information according to their question.

  1. Show them benefit

If anyone wants to do is to click the “back button” because they didn’t get the proper result that they want then your website bounce rates will come. If you don’t want it then you have to write a useful content or telling the searcher why they should read your post, and give them a benefit of clicking through and reading your post and focus on what are you offering.

  1. Use location

Mention your proper location in Meta Description so probably they can understand your location and click on your result.