It provides an entirely free service that helps you to assess & enable your website performing in search results. It allows a free service to all website admins. Google webmaster also will enable them to see the status of indexing and optimize the visibility of their websites.




What is the use of Google webmaster tools

There are many SEO tools on the market. But the Google webmaster tool is one of the most useful tools. It comes from Google itself, and it offers lots of essential SEO insights.

It’s a set of tools for webmasters. It’s a handy tool that allows you to convey with Google. It balances many things in sites such as it adjusts the crawl rate, which Google bot indexes your site. A Google webmaster tool lists the internal or external links to your site. You can examine the keywords users typed to land your site as well as (Click through Rate) CTR for each keyword. Here you can also see the site’s statistics & many more.



Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

Here you can access all the essential sections that help the google webmaster tools.

  1. Search queries

  2. Links

  3. Crawl errors

  4. Keywords

  5. Sitemap


Search queries

A search query shows the keywords that led users to your website. In this section, you can also see the no of impressions that gives you the idea of the CTR of this keyword; CTR means the keyword is related.


The second section is an essential section of Google Webmaster Tools. Here you can see the internal or external links where it comes from, as well as pages they are linking to, not every single link is displayed, but still, this list of backlinks is critical to check from time to time.

Crawl Errors

It helps us to show the missing pages, Server errors, pages, and all the problems which stop Google from adequately crawling to your website.


This keyword section shows the keywords, but here you can see what keywords & their importance Google have found on your website. Two lists can be complicated (two files are keyword users type & the keyword finds) which means you are not optimizing what users are searching. It also allows you to see the theme of your site.


Here you can access the dashboard (first screen of the website) is the sitemap action. You can also see the sitemap of your site. Google has found several URLs in them. If the sitemap from Google it to be, then you have to submit a new sitemap for Google to use.