Why Google Algorithms ??

Google Rolls out changes to its algorithms with the main aim to generate the best and relevant results for search quires.


This hummingbird Algorithm name came from Precise and Fast

Why Created?

  • For Improving the Indexed Information.
  • For Boosting Semantic Search.

What does it do?

  • Relevant information helps in ranking on the top of the search engines.
  • Gives more Strength to Long-tail Keywords.
  • The most appropriate page of a website gets open rather than the home page.
  • Boosts the indexing of information instead of sorting the information.

Penguin Algorithm:

  • It aims to decrease the search engine rankings of a website that violates Google webmaster guidelines.
  • It decreases the unfair practices of Black hat SEO.
  • Will catch the spammer’s and process them Black hat SEO Techniques.
  • It includes the search engine rankings of all those sites that practice Black hat SEO techniques like Keyword stuffing, Duplicate Content, etc..,
  • Pull Out the Paid links, Buying Links or obtaining them through Link Networks.

Panda Algorithm

  • It aims to keep the Low-Quality Content Sites away from Top Ranking Results.
  • Bring high-quality content sites on the top of search engine rankings.
  • Panda is basically an on-page problem, so the main changes need to be on the website.
  • Improves the Ranking in Search Engines Having High-Quality Content.

Pigeon Algorithm

  • To improve the quality of local searches, Google is relying on factors such as location and distance to provide better search results to the user.
  • The local directory sites are given preference.

Payday Algorithm:

  • This algorithm targeted at cleaning up search results for traditionally “spammy queries” such as Casino pornographic terms, and other heavily spammed queries.

Pirate algorithm:

  • This algorithm designed to prevent sites with many Copyright infringement reports, as filed Through Google’s DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright ACT) System