There were the days when marketing only mean is ‘Door to Door’ campaigning, I remember in 1998 there was a local company in my native area who hire people for a great-paying marketing job where the candidate-job was to promote companies product by visiting every nook & corner of the city. Where catch was people are smart enough to get the maximum order just by talking to people and just after showing the product demo.

If we think for this now then it might not sound feasible, because now the consumer has choices over product/service, product/services quality, price & most important reachability of the product & service. where internet & digital media is on vital role to create awareness of goods.

In that case, People always comes through the thought of How to win over a early age career in Marketing. As there is a saying for present market scenario “Smart work Now rules over Hard Work”. So how you can deal with it smartly here are some points.

“Being a smart does not mean to you look smart but Think smart”

Be Consumer Centric: As we discussed, Now in present world Consumer have different choices to choose over then how you can approach for your offerings? Just being a consumer here will work out, As we all are the consumer if you think this way your approaching problem will be solved. Lets take an example. Sam wants to buy a smartphone for him. Now Sam will use this phone for daily purpose & his budget is Rs 7k. Where he just want some basic functions & a good camera quality. Now he has various options in the category either he can Go for Samsung, Micromax, Lenovo etc. But how he will choose from. Just he will research on the various choices available under his budget & after comparing all of them he will finalise his decision. Here what we understand is Consumer is bind by some parameters like, his usability, options he is looking for, budget, need & time. So if we can think around the same & do the campaign around this then surely marketer will win the deal.

Where an interesting thing in today market comparing earlier days is. Earlier people like to Research Online & Buy Offline but now People Research Online & Buy Online too.

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Look up for your Growth: Early in your working career, you are identified by the company you keep, the people you are around with, so choose wisely. It’s very easy to pick the company with the biggest name or the biggest people & paycheck, but we recommend be specific to what you can achieve and want to achieve & most important it should be of your choice to work on not the pressure of the community.

How does the company you’re working for (or considering joining) prioritize growth, both personally and professionally? How does the team you’ll be working for plan to grow in the coming year, and what do the prospects look like for growth for the broader company? Far too many people pick companies based on their current reputation rather than their possible growth, but you get far more career credit for being the fifth employee at LinkedIn after its explosive growth than you do for being the 5000th employee at Radio Shack before it stops growing entirely.

Strike to Learn Something New Today: People over think the role of formal marketing in building their career. Instead of identifying one person to learn from and ask questions of, make that your daily practice. Write down what you see, know, and observe about what works and what doesn’t: You don’t think you’ll forget it as you evolve in your career, but you will, and having it written down somewhere will help you maintain perspective. Identify people you admire and learn from them, but don’t wait for a formal mentorship relationship to do so.

“Do so is more important than say so”

Your Boss will never manage your career: Your boss is your manager at work, not a mind reader, fortune teller, or psychologist or astrologer. He or she can and should support you in your professional goals, but the only person in the driver’s seat of your career is you. Manage it proactively by asking for what you want, making it clear what interests you, and eating up feedback for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–doing so will make you a better employee and a better leader, regardless of whether you stay at a company for ten months or ten years.

Be social & network: Most of early marketing career starters think of social media as a way to connect with friends, but it’s a powerful lever in getting future employers to notice you. First and foremost, delete or make private any photos or comments about how great your years of partying in college were. Second, set a calendar reminder every quarter to update your LinkedIn profile with recent results so your online resume is always current and fresh. Finally, share content from companies and people you admire: If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, social sharing is a close second — it can go a long way to getting you noticed.

Learn Digital Marketing & Get success: Digital Marketing is the booming area of today. If you leverage your learning in digital space then you can be a horse of long race. Explore digital Marketing it is the area where you can reach your target audience easily with few clicks.

“If you’re looking to break into the digital marketing industry, there’s no better time than now. According to The US government, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy which will result in a skills gap of 900,000 vacancies by 2015.”

Happy Marketing!! 🙂