Digital marketing is a marketing strategy to promote Business Online for Brand Awareness and Business Development. Digital marketing is a strategy where we want to reach the target audience as a medium of information.

There is good scope in Digital Marketing, to become a successful Digital marketing Expert all you need to do is join a Digital Marketing Training and learn the techniques that makes you an Expert. There are many institutes who are providing digital marketing course and their fee structure is also different. We tried to conduct a survey on Digital Marketing course fees and how much an institute should charge in India.

There are two way of a Learning program

  • Online Training
  • Classroom training

Online Training

Online-Training system or education training based on standardizing teaching with the help of electronic resources, while teaching can be based in or out of the computers and the internet or classrooms. The main component of Online-Training can also be termed as a network-enabled transfer of skill and knowledge.

Classroom Training

Classroom training is the most dominant form of learning. It needs an investment of time and endeavor. The classroom training removes you from the distractions of everybody work so you can easily focus on the training or improving your development skills

Online training is a training program, it is comparatively lower than classroom training. In India, there is a huge difference in the course fees. As per my search, the average course fees of the Digital Marketing is 35000, some institutes are offering digital marketing course is 45000, and the highest I found is 75000.

Why such a difference in the fees? Why some of the Institutes are offering almost the same course at such a Low and High Fees?

There are few factors which affect the Fee structure are given below:

  • Location
  • Mentor
  • Quality
  • Job Assistance


The Digital Marketing course fees in Metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi are higher than in other cities. Basically, for well-known institutes, they will charge you higher around 50 – 70K in the Cities.


The experts are already settled in their Digital Marketing career. If such an expert is coming to teach, definitely the fees will be more as institutes also have to pay them more.


The content of a course should contain new updated techniques. Digital Marketing is a completely practical thing. You need to learn. It is also about the resources and material that they are providing.

Job Assistance

You will have to check all the previous records of the company and institute. Everyone says 100% job assistance or even they provide the guarantee also.