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Digital Marketing certification program covers the advanced modules like coming up with an Online marketing plan for a business, strategy building for different Digital Channels, Social Media Strategies, and all the latest trends in it. This Certification training program helps you acquire the knowledge on core competencies of Digital Marketing.

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Why Digital Marketing Certification?

“Isn’t there a hidden pride achieving something? “

A Certificate will always help you to showcase your knowledge, it acts as a medium for you to get hired easily by convincing the recruiter.

Digital Marketing Certifications and benefits

Google Adwords Certification:

Google Adwords is also known as Pay per click(PPC)/ Search Engine Marketing is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. It consists of 6 certifications like

  • Adwords Fundamentals: adwords-certification-course-bangalore
  • Search Advertising:
  • Display Advertising:
  • Mobile Advertising:
  • Video Advertising:
  • Shopping Advertising:

Google Analytics google-analytics-training

Hubspot Inbound Marketing


Best Digital Marketing Certficaion training in Bangalore.

Instiue of Marketing is one of he top training institute in Bangalore which offers Complete Digial Marketing Certificaion Programs with 100% Job Assisance in Bangalore.