Digital Marketing Career Opportunities &  Scope in 2021

The Scope of Digital Marketing in India 

What is Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2021

As the internet has proliferated the usage of mobile phones from the past few years, the evolution of Digital media has completely taken a transformation where Digital marketing has taken a boom over the traditional way of marketing. This is the trending field where the older it gets it comes up with the plethora of opportunities that can change someone’s career drastically. The worth of this industry is $62 billion according to the study made by the Direct marketing Association. Advertising via smartphones has raised the leading for high demand professionals in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing career opportunities in 2021, the scope is said to be huge as the Indian Government has initiated the “Digital India campaign in 2015, even the rural areas are said to be digitalized by the end of 2020. And all the businesses are incorporating Digital Marketing as their marketing strategy so more than 20 lakh jobs are to be generated by near future. Hence there is a promising future in Digital Marketing both in India as well as abroad.

Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

Digital Marketing is a vast subject and it has got different modules in it like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, Mobile
marketing, Content writing and Web analytics. Once you undergo the Digital Marketing training then it will be easy to find where
your passion lies among them. Here are the different specializations for different career options & jobs in Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing Jobs Hierarchy


Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Specialist
Marketing Manager
Account Executive
Digital Marketing Analyst

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Digital Marketing Manager
SEO Manager
SEO Specialist
Digital Marketing Executive

3. PPC/SEM Google AdWords:

Digital Marketing Manager
Paid search specialist
Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing specialist
Adword analyst

4. Content Writing:

Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Content Strategist
Social media Manager
Content Marketing Specialist

5. Social Media Marketing:

Marketing Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Executive


Earn Online with Digital marketing & Be your Own Boss

6. Digital Marketing Freelancer:

This is one of the best ideas for people who want to be self-employed, housewives, people who want to make extra income working from home.

How to get started:
1. Connect with your contacts as they are the source you will be getting the projects and references from when you get started.
2. Build a strong portfolio that helps in your self-branding.
3. Be an active user of social media and join groups.
4. Network with people by attending a lot of events and conferences.
5. Join Freelancer sites and get projects from throughout the world
6. Start by defining your goals.
7. Identify the clients whom you’re going to target.
8. Set prices for the service done.

7. Blogger:

If you have a passion for writing then here is an opportunity to make money. Blogging!!! Yes, blogging is the art of getting
others to read your writing, for some, it might be a hobby. There are so many famous bloggers who have taken this as a full-time
career and making a lot of money out of it. You can either start your own blog or get credibility by contributing your writings to

How to get started with Blogging:
1. Find out where your passion lies in and come up with the topic that you want to write about.
2. Do research about what people are searching for.
3. Go through the information that is available on that particular topic you have chosen so that you will be able to know
what to write and how to write.
4. Start writing by creating some relevant and useful content.
5. Upload it to your website/Blog
6. Make money by creating Great content through Ad-revenue and Commissions

8.Entrepreneur: (Own Business)

Everyone has a Dream of Having own business and Become own Boss.

Do you Want to become your own boss!  Then here are few tips on how to make it possible with Digital Marketing as a career choice.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to be Savvy in Digital Marketing in Order to Survive”  By – Neil Patel

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen!!”

Digital Marketing Salaries & Pay Scale

As Digital marketing jobs are in High Demand, usually the Salaries also should be more than consider other streams but, here its purely depends on your Passion & Skills. Because Digital Marketing needs lots of extra skills like media editing, Content creation, Analysing lots of data, creating strategies according to market situations, etc. So the Salaries also depends on your Passion and extra skills which help at work.

If you are one who is Passionate about Internet updates, Social Savvy, Gadgets, and a good strategist, definitely you re going to get a Good package when it comes to Payscale.