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Digital Marketing is Promoting business or services on different digital devices and Platforms like Search Engines (SEO), Social Media, Email marketing, Display and Video advertisement and Mobile Marketing by using the Internet. It’s also called Internet Marketing/Online Marketing so it’s easy to Promote Products or websites to generate Traffic, leads, and sales through Online Campaign Promotions.

Start your career as Digital Marketer by completing SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media Marketing and other Modules in one Advanced Digital Marketing course in Bangalore and boost your career.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Modules

  • Website Creation by Using CMS (WordPress)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM, PPC, Adwords)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Freelancing Jobs
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Lead Generation

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Website Creation by Using WordPress

WordPress is the NO.1 Content Management System in the world and for Marketers, it works like magic to work to create any kind of website without coding knowledge. Learning WordPress is necessary for Digital Marketers today because you’ll be working on campaigns where creating lots of Landing pages and integrating analytic codes for tracking purpose. With the help of WordPress, you can create beautiful websites and Effective landing pages on your own and all this possible without learning to code. Learn how to create a Beutiful Website for you by using WordPress in our Advanced Digital marketing Course.

  • What is Domain & Hosting
  • Different Types of Hosting Servers
  • Different types of Domain Extensions
  • What is Content Management System
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Why WordPress is No.1 CMS and Importance
  • WordPress installation in C-panel
  • Free WordPress Theme and free Plugins
  •  What are Themes, Plugins
  • Blog/Website by using WordPress
  • How to Create SEO friendly  Blog posts and Web Pages
  • Widgets, Menu’s, settings and theme options
  • Contact Forms and Lead generation for Digital Marketing
  • Media Uploading (Images, Videos, PPT etc.)
  • Anchor Links & Anchor text
  • SEO integrations
  • Tracking tools integration (Webmaster tools, Google Analytics)
  • Advanced WordPress tools & Techniques

SEO is a Major Module in Digital Marketing Course, SEO is the process to gain Top position results in Search engines by following best Organic practices. SEO born during 1997 so it’s been 20 years that SEO is been in use, there are many changes came in these 20 years, in SEO Training course you’ll be learning Most Advanced SEO practices to follow and will be working on Live Digital Marketing project during entire course to see the Outcome from your Implementation.

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Different types of Search engines
  • What is SERP
  • How Search Engine Works (Crawling, Indexing, Serving)
  • Types and Techniques of SEO
  • White hat, Black Hat & Grey Hat SEO
  • Introduction to Google Search Engine
  • Google Algorithms & Different Algorithm Updates
  • Overview of Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, EMD, Pigeon, Rankbrain, Mobile & AMP updates
  • Importance of the Keywords in SEO
  • Advanced Keyword research, Different Online Keyword research tools
  • What are Google Web Master Guidelines and Best Practices
  • How to Create Search Engine Friendly Content
  • On-page SEO, Step by step explanation
  • Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Anchor links, Header Tags and etc.
  • Off Page SEO, Learn different strategies for Building links
  • Link Building, Google Page Rank, Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions
  • Forum Posting, Article writing, Press release, Microblogging submission, Classifieds posting
  • Business Listing, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, RSS Feeds
  • Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console), Disavow tool
  • XML & HTML Sitemap creation, Robo.txt, Rich cards, Snippets use SERP
  • What are Website error codes (404, 301, 500 etc.)
  • Website Perfornamce optimization (JS, CSS, HTML minification)
  • Cache Leveraging, Compressed images, Server optimization
  • Universal SEO ( How to optimize Media for Search Engines)
  • Local SEO for Local Businesses Listings
  • How to prepare a Local SEO strategy
  • Integrating Website with Google Analytics for Traffic and SEO analysis
  • Creating SEO Reports by using Different online tools
  • Introduction to Free Online SEO tools and overview
  • Learn Expert SEO strategies by using Real-time Case studies.
  • Advanced Digital marketing Course gives complete understanding

Learn how to create Online Marketing Campaigns and run them effectively in different search engine networks. SEM or Search Engine Advertising or PPC help us to create Paid advertisements and make them run in Different Digital ad networks like Google Search Network, Display Network, Youtube Video Marketing, Google Play store, Gmail & Other Google Products by using Google Adwords Online Advertising Tool to Generate Sales, Leads & Conversions in Digital Marketing. Advanced Digital marketing Course gives complete expert Training on Adwords.

  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
  • Why SEM is Important for any business
  • What is Pay Per Click and different online tools in PPC
  • What is Google Adwords and overview
  • Google Adwords account setup
  • Keyword Planner & how to do Keyword research
  • Keyword Match types
  • Create Advertising, Display Advertising, Video ads, Shopping Ads, Mobile Ads.
  • Important terms in PPC (what is Quality score, CTR, CPC, CPM, CPA etc.)
  • Different Bidding Options & Bidding Strategies in Adwords
  • Advanced Targeting Options (Location, Device, Network etc.)
  • Campaign Structure in Adwords
  • What are Ad groups, Ad copies, and Keywords in Campaign
  • Advanced Digital Marketing training on Adwords tool
  • Segregate Ad groups with Relevant keyword grouping
  • Creation of Effective Ad copies
  • Different Ad Extensions Overview
  • Defining Daily/Monthly budgets
  • Search Network Campaign with advanced options
  • Display Network Campaign
  • Shopping ads and Video Ads
  • Mobile App Ad campaign to promote App’s
  • Dynamic Search Ads Overview
  • Landing Page Best Practices for Digital Marketing
  • Testing different Landing pages by A/B Testing
  • Conversion tracking creation
  • Remarketing
  • Tracking & measuring ROI of online advertising by Analytics
  • Real-Time Campaigns for a better understanding of Metrics

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    The Internet revolution has changed the way of communication and made this world a step closer to everyone’s life, Social Media is the major game changer in this to revolutionize the social relations and affected people lives with its strong impact.

    Social Media is an online platform where it users can create content and share it in social networks, users can network with other members and share information, media and can communicate with live chatting. With the Great technology update today everyone communicates with video calling and doing Live broadcasting on Social networks. Social Media is helping people in many ways to educate and engage.

    Social Media Marketing refers to a process of getting traffic and leads through Social Media Networks. It’s a Major module of Advanced Digital marketing course, In SMM you can create Advertisements and promotions to generate Branding, Traffic, Leads, and conversions for any business. So SMM became essential for any Business size to leverage branding and direct communication with customers through Social Media.

    • Social media marketing overview and importance
    • Different Social networks and its Management
    • Branding and Engagement in Social Media
    • Disaster management practices for Brands in Social Media
    • Online Reputation management by Social networks


    • Introduction to Facebook
    • How Facebook works & Its formulas
    • Facebook Organic Strategy Building
    • New Business Page Creation in Facebook
    • Business page Settings and Publishing
    • Social Media Content Strategy
    • How to get Organic likes and shares
    • SMM posting calendar creation
    • Organic Business page Promotion
    • Facebook & Instagram Advertisement
    • Facebook Ad-manager introduction
    • Ad campaign creation by Using Ad-manager
    • Different types Campaigns on Facebook
    • How to create Ads for Instagram
    • Targeting options on Facebook
    • Custom Audience creation
    • Ad copies and bidding options
    • Effective Ad copies
    • Power Editor
    • Lead generation
    • Remarketing Facebook pixel creation
    • Facebook Insights and reports
    • Facebook Marketing Case studies


    • Introduction to Instagram
    • Importance of Instagram for Brands & business in digital marketing
    • Instagram Posting techniques
    • Instagram Ads
    • Case studies


    • Twitter Introduction
    • Why Twitter became the best platform for Brand Recognition
    • Best Practices to Follow in Twitter Management
    • Online Reputation Management in Twitter
    • Disaster Management
    • Twitter Advertisement
    • Case studies from Famous Brands


    • Introduction to Linkedin Professional Network
    • Profile creation and making & it ready to use for Jobs
    • Why Linkedin is important for professionals
    • Optimize & make it available to Recruiters
    • Linkedin Business page
    • Linkedin Advertising


    • Youtube marketing introduction
    • Youtube channel creation
    • Video advertisement
    • How to create video content for youtube
    • Youtube marketing strategy
    • How to get more views by doing SEO
    • Optimizing videos for More Views, likes, shares, and Subscriptions
    • Youtube analytics

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    Email Marketing

    • Email Marketing Introduction
    • Why Email Marketing is considered as Best for of Marketing
    • Create Email Marketing campaigns
    • Steps involved in Campaign Creation
    • How to create effective Email Content
    • How to ensure deliverability of your emails
    • Setup Email Delivery Infrastructure for better delivery.
    • Acquire Customers using Email Marketing in Digital Marketing
    • Various kinds of e-mailers including co-branded, third party, event triggered and newsletters.
    • Nurturing & Automation to Analyze & Target users based on the behavior of emailers using various tools.
    • Resources to do situational analysis and progressive updates: Learn about various automation & analysis tools to get better returns on Email Marketing Campaigns.

    Web Analytics, Google Analytics Training

    • What is WEB ANALYTICS
    • Purpose of Web Analytics in Digital Marketing
    • Google Analytics tool introduction
    • Measure website in Real-time and the user behavior
    • How to use Analytics to Create Content and prepare Strategies for Digital Channels
    • Creating Reports and Analysis
    • Create Goals and Tracking performance
    • Goals & Funnels in Google analytics

    Affiliate Marketing

    • What is Affiliate marketing, Introduction to different Affiliate channels
    • How to become an Affiliate partner and Earn Commission
    • Creation of Affiliate account and complete setup
    • Creating Tracking codes and Publishing Affiliate content/Products
    • How to promote Affiliate content/products and start earning
    • Do’s and Don’ts  in Affiliate Marketing

    Mobile Marketing

    • Intro to Mobile Marketing
    • Importance of Mobile Marketing
    • How to Target Mobile users in Digital Marketing
    • Creating Ad’s for Mobile Devices by targeting
    • Mobile APP targeting Ad’s
    • Device Based Targeted Ads

    Inbound Marketing

    • What is Inbound & Outbound Marketing
    • Intro to Inbound Marketing
    • How it Works & Principles of Inbound
    • Understanding User Persona & Behavior
    • Introduction to Key Metrics and KPI’s
    • Funnel Creation and Implementation in Inbound Marketing
    • Create Best content for Inbound Marketing
    • Different Digital Marketing Channels Approach to Drive Conversions/Sales
    • Understanding Landing Page Importance and Best Practices
    • SEO Importance in Inbound marketing
    • Building Re-targeting & Email marketing strategy

    Online Reputation Management

    • Fundamentals of Online Reputation Management
    • Understanding ORM  process
    • Importance of ORM for Brands
    • Best practices to follow
    • Learn how to Handle Online Reputation in bad situations